Spark an interest in engineering

Engineering In-A-Box

Engineering In-A-Box is a 4-lesson classroom resource designed to show students how engineers impact society through different disciplines, creative thinking, and collaboration.

We believe that learning about engineering should be:

  • Accessible for every student in Australia, particularly those in regional areas

  • Based on the real world; not just theoretical

  • Creative and engaging, even for students who had not previously considered engineering as a career

The lessons take a wide-scale problem with multiple possible engineering solutions, both physical and non-physical. Students will follow the problem through stages such as assessing the benefits of a project, managing community impact, adapting to changes, and design.

To keep Engineering In-A-Box accessible, it is:

  • Is free to secondary schools across Australia through industry sponsorship

  • Can be reused by the school for multiple classes

  • Does not require an internet connection or for students to have access to computers or table


Power of Engineering aims to shape a diverse engineering workforce through practical and creative experiences. The organisation achieves this through in-person events for school students and in the Engineering In-A-Box program.

The Engineering In-A-Box program is aimed at Years 7 to 9 to encourage continued STEM education through secondary school and ultimately into engineering university programs.

Engineering In-A-Box aims to reach 1,500 students by the end of 2020 following the official roll-out in Term 2 2020.


How to use

  • The Box contains four 45-60 minute lesson plans and materials

  • It is designed for Years 7 to 9

  • Can be used in any STEM or careers related class

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What’s in the Box

The Box contains all the materials required to run the four lessons:

  • Teacher guide, including how the lessons link back to the school curriculum and lesson plans

  • Reuseable worksheets and cards

  • USB with videos and soft copies of printable materials